Brent Gillespie’s Research Featured on UM Homepage

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23774324123_39a2a2426f_zDr. Brent Gillespie, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and PhD student Alex Russomanno were recently featured on the University of Michigan homepage for their research and development of a better and more cost-effective Braille display. Gillespie and Russomano have teamed with Dr. Sile O’Modhrain,¬†Associate Professor of Music, School of Music, Theatre & Dance and Associate Professor of Information, School of Information, to develop a display that could show the equivalent of an entire tablet screen at once, something that current Braille devices are unable to accomplish. Their current design uses microfluidics that raise and lower the Braille dots based on input channels of pressurized air.

To read the full story from the Michigan Engineering News Services, please visit the link to the article here.