Cindy Chestek Awarded NIH BRAIN Initiative Grant

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cchestekDr. Cindy Chestek, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, was recently awarded an NIH BRAIN Initiative Award. The award, which totals over $900,000, will allow Dr. Chestek and her co-PI, Dr. Joshua Berke, to develop dense arrays of 8-micron carbon-fiber electrodes. These electrodes are stiff enough to insert into the brain, but sufficiently small to avoid damage, which plagues research using traditional recording electrode arrays. In addition to use in electrical recording, the electrodes will be developed for voltammetric measurements of transmitters such as dopamine. Together, these technological advancements could allow multi-site, real-time simultaneous electrophysiological and transmitter measurements in behaving animals, providing a novel method to monitor neural microcircuits.

For more information on the NIH BRAIN Initiative Awards, please visit their website here.